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UAE will remain hub, says His Highness Shaikh Mohammad ( Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai ).

Every time I read through the syndicate journal of, I have to bite my lips, the thirst of nectar… How One can be so concisely comprehensive, well-centered, and maneuvered? I need to squeeze the succus of my brain to be that of thee; all I found is a pea. And. So to the welcoming WWF news of  US Bush visiting the Gulf and Emirates shortly, as part of a week-long Middle East trip starting in Israel on the January 9th; a direct overture since Justin Timberlake concert, also, the likes of Las Vegas turning up on events -okay, not quite- to that of Hollywood veterans for the 4th Dubai International Film Festival, and not to outshine, the very vintage piece of  Dita Von Teese that grace the red carpet daze... It's like; seeing my Momma. Oh, smolder me, smolder me, could that be like a’ one hacking "showbiz" strategic plan? Marilyn Manson, I expect you to come and visit us here, but a Bush that block the way. What rock.


No. I don’t buy concert tickets, and, and, make a go on stardusts...

I so thought, if I really want to be in function with the daily speed of the world today; I might as well be in the news. Well. Pink and Yellow highlights are all I could trace, while this pea of a brain scribble to analyse, there... How sad. Though, re-quench, re-quench! Cited, the parable joke for today :


The US leader said in his weekly radio address on Saturday that the trip aimed to promote peace between Israel and the Palestinians and curtail the "aggressive ambitions" of Iran, which according to a US intelligence report made public in December halted a secret nuclear weapons programme in 2003.

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Time’s up. My lunch is over.

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