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Am I not a genius??!))

Hello,Hola, Hallo)))

Im Valentina, Val, Bluesly or whatever you prefer))

Well, bout my intelligence and intellect?
2 small memos:

When I was about 5 years old it was my sister's birthday. she was 15. The house was full of guests, friends, fun and everything you know.And my sister was of course the centre of everyone's attantion. Everyone was sitting at the table,chatting, eating, laughing when the door opened..and a small little girl (me:))) appeared saying : here I am!!!

this was about my intelligence, curiosity and acitvism))

Now about my genious and self-assureness)))

At the age of 6-7 (i guess) I was taken to the exhibition of a famous russia painter Rerikh with my parents. Of course I was too young to understand anything..but!
we came home. Mom went to the kitchen to make a dinner. I locked in my room. Took all my pencils and paints...By the time my mom called me to dinner I made a dozen of pictures imitating the works of rerikh..My parents were stunned)))
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