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I was vastly impressed with the quality of literature that was seemingly regularly posted on this page, so I decided to join the ranks. A man named Howard Garnder of Harvard University divided intelligence into seven groups, or types:

1. Logical-mathematical intelligence: the ability to detect patterns, think logically, reason and analyze, and compute mathematical equations.
2. Linguistic intelligence: the mastery of oral and written language in self-expression and memory.
3. Spatial intelligence: the ability to recognize and manipulate patterns (large or small) in spatial relationships (e.g., pilots, sculptors, architects).
4. Musical intelligence: the ability to recognize and compose musical quality (pitches, tones), and content (rhythms, patterns) for production and performance.
5. Kinesthetic intelligence: the ability to use the body, or parts of the body to create products or solve problems (e.g., athletes, dancers, surgeons).
6. Interpersonal intelligence: the ability to recognize another's intentions, and feelings.
7. Intrapersonal intelligence: the ability to understand oneself and use the information to self-manage.

Then there is also Intelligence Quotient, better known as IQ. Surprisingly, IQ can tell a lot about a person's intelligence, contrary to what you may think. People with certain IQs fit into different tiers of intelligence. There is a table at this website I highly recommend it. Anyway, I hope everyone accepts me even though I just threw out simple facts. Ask me what I think about religion, you're likely to hear a lot of good theory of mine.
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